Baby Number Two: Third Trimester Part Two

I’ve hit my due date! Which they tell me is an arbitrary number and guesstimate but also that if I don’t deliver as we get into week 41, we’ll need to talk induction. I feel a sense of accomplishment for making it full term and I’ve been patient but now I feel as though I’m on a timeline that isn’t my baby’s or my own.

2020: Lost a lot but we gained more

2020, it’s been a strange year. Ups and downs. Toilet paper and meat shortages (which, PSA, you can survive off zero meat, folks, but zero TP, I don’t want to try). We’ve evaluated our lives and then reevaluated them. Tried to figure out what the eff is happening. Who we are and what was going on. It truly was a year unlike any other I’ve seen (and hopefully ever see again).

Third Trimester Part Three (to week 41)

Third trimester happenings: Currently writing this as we round the corner into week 41. This homestretch is turning out to be the hardest. I pride myself on being pretty even keeled and not overly emotional but this time has been testing (and hey, some of it I can’t help with all these crazy hormones, right??). We’ve …

Third Trimester Part Two (through week 35)

Third trimester happenings: We are in the home stretch! About a month out which is crazy. Throughout this pregnancy I’m learning to not put too much thought into other people’s experiences. People say the third trimester time slows down, you get huge, you feel like crap, etc. I think at some points I was waiting to …