Third Trimester Part Two (through week 35)

Third trimester happenings: We are in the home stretch! About a month out which is crazy. Throughout this pregnancy I’m learning to not put too much thought into other people’s experiences. People say the third trimester time slows down, you get huge, you feel like crap, etc. I think at some points I was waiting to […]

Second Trimester Part Three – Third Trimester Part One (to week 33)

Second trimester happenings: It’s week 24 and we are trying out another name. We’re hoping this one will stick (but round one we also thought would stick and here we are) but we shall see. Also, once we do 100% decide we are keeping it a secret (SORRY!). I’ve got great news! The Raynaud’s I talked about […]


Throughout your life you measure time differently. Years in school, months until your wedding date, or days until your big vacation. I’ve reached a point where I’m now measuring time in weeks. It’s currently January 25th, 2018 and week 7.5 of being pregnant (although I didn’t find out for sure until a week ago). Two […]