Third trimester happenings: We are in the home stretch! About a month out which is crazy.

Throughout this pregnancy I’m learning to not put too much thought into other people’s experiences. People say the third trimester time slows down, you get huge, you feel like crap, etc. I think at some points I was waiting to stop enjoying pregnancy, like I was waiting for these ‘bad’ things that people had mentioned to sink in and the bottom to fall out and that’s not good. Then I realized that everybody and every body is different. Your story won’t be my story, whether that means my story will be good, bad, or ugly compared to yours, it will be mine alone. Again, the comparison to others, while it can help us know what to expect and help feel like we have a sense of community, it can also be harmful if you are waiting for their worse to happen to you. The Mindful Birthing book I’m reading had a good quote about the birthing aspect of pregnancy saying, “While some aspects of childbirth are common to everyone, your birth experience will be yours alone-different from your mother’s or your sister’s or your friend’s. It will be different from anything you’ve read about in a book, watched on TV, or seen in a video. You labor will be as unique as you are in this moment.” This quote rings true for not just the labor aspect but for the entire pregnancy. I will continue to enjoy my pregnancy being eerily calm and without fear of the alternative (not enjoying it). There’s a reason I’m feeling that way so I just need to keep focusing on that. If the time comes when I’m not enjoying it as much, then it comes, but for now, I will bask in my beautiful experience without without letting other people’s experiences creep into my mind and cause doubt for myself.

This is what’s been going on:

  • I’ve been reading the labor and delivery sections of my pregnancy books as well as reading Mindful Birthing and also listening to The Birth Hour podcast. Jeff is reading (or about to start reading) The Birth Partner. We are also reading Moms on Call together. All to help prepare our mind and bodies (more so my body of course hah) for this baby’s arrival and what’s to come after. I’ve also been collecting affirmations to help me get my mind right and practicing visualizations of a powerful yet peaceful birth experience. I made a vision board but I’m feeling more drawn to affirmations so I’ll go with that feeling.
  • Finishing our visual birth plan.
  • Taking a childbirth experience class at Baptist Hospital, where we will deliver, on Saturday. Looking forward to the info, hospital tour, and practice run of arriving to the hospital and knowing all the who/what/where details.
  • Beginning weekly visits with the OB and will have a few more visits with our doula. Next time she will meet at our house so she knows where to go and all about our space for when she will come labor with us at home and also she will check in on us postpartum.
  • Started taking evening primrose oil (EPO) to help with cervical ripening and will start eating dates daily beginning at 36 weeks. Side note, there mixed reviews and a lack of scientific evidence with EPO (although manyyyyy stories of women swearing by it) but as with the nettle leaf tea and red raspberry leaf tea and dates, none of it can hurt. My doula recommended it all and my doc approved so if it helps then that’s wonderful and if it doesn’t then no worries.
  • Beginning to pack our hospital bag and continuing to add songs to my hospital playlist.
  • Finalizing the nursery. It’s missing a few decor items but other than that we have everything and anything we could need for baby. We have been given more gifts than I could have imagined. People have been so extremely generous. I will share pictures when we get it 100% finalized.
  • Likes: I’m still feeling great and working out and continuing on with life as normal for the most part. When women would tell me they loved being pregnant I would laugh to myself and think “who lovesss being pregnant?”. Well, I am the person who loves being pregnant. And I have to give credit to Jeff, I’m pretty sure he called that. He expected me to feel this way and I’m obviously glad I do. Even though my body is changing and growing and can be uncomfortable at times, I’ve truly never loved my body more and have never felt like more of a goddess. Women should be freakin’ worshiped for what we are able to do. I am literally creating life as we speak. It’s just the most surreal and incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.
  • Dislikes: Some fatigue has set back in so I’m trying to nap when I can and really take care of my body.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Having the nursery 100% completed and everything put away and in its place and feeling like we have nothing left to do but welcome our little girl into the world. People have asked me if I’m ‘nesting’. Well I operate at a pretty OCD and organized manner so I wouldn’t say that I’m so much ‘nesting’ but rather just being my usual self.
  • What I’m not excited about: The lack of sleep after she’s born. I need to have positive vibes with this but I just know how I can be when I don’t get enough rest. I need to remind myself that I’ll be in survival mode and will be able to do whatever I need to do and also remind myself that I have such a large support system to help however they can.
  • Things that make me nervous: I’m trying to prepare my business as much as I can ahead of time so that I can take a maternity leave but when you are the only one running your business it is hard. My business isn’t going as well as I’d like it so the step back may be beneficial but I also don’t want to lose any ground I’ve gained over the last year.
Pretty cool they ‘liked’ my Bump Day picture on Instagram.
33 Weeks

34 Weeks

Coed fiesta shower hosts!

Last birthday without a little one.
35 Weeks

Hostesses (plus my MIL) for our ‘welcome to the flock’ shower!


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