Third trimester (through week 35) happenings: 

We’ve been busy with holidays, birthdays, activities, me finishing up writing my book (available early May!), and just life! But we are chugging along well and enjoying our family time.

So I haven’t mentioned that we actively did try to have a boy. We read old wives tales and whatnot so, hey, I guess something worked!

Not much else to report other than really trying to cherish this time while we can before our lives change drastically. I’m not feeling rushed for baby anymore like I was my first pregnancy and like I was initially in this pregnancy (mostly because I was feeling so crappy). Just feeling content and happy and I’ll take it!

Read on for some likes, dislikes, and pics from the first part of my final trimester.

  • Likes: I’ve kicked my almost 3 week sinus infection and I’m feeling overall pretty good with plenty of energy most days. Continuing to stay super active with my workouts (and feeling proud of my body and all it’s doing most days) which helps keep me happy and sane.
  • Dislikes: Still struggling to sleep some nights.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Sleeping on my belly again.
  • What I’m not excited about: The pain of labor since I’m wanting to do it without pain meds again but I’m hopeful it’ll be quicker this time since they say round two (and three and so on) the time you’re in labor is shortened.
  • Things that make me nervous: Not knowing what labor and delivery will look like. I want to labor at home and then things progress quickly (but not too quickly where I may have him in a car hah) but of course we never know what will happen. Overall, mostly, I’m feeling calm and at peace with it though so I will try to continue to harness that energy and mindset!

Here are some pregnancy related pics. Sharing changing body pics doesn’t come naturally to me but I feel it’s part of the process and something that should be shared.


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