First trimester + second trimester (through week 27) happenings: 

Finishing up my second trimester and happy to almost be close to a home stretch (okay, I know I still have a ways to go but just saying third trimester sounds like a win). Baby is the size of a water bottle (see pic below) or a large bottle of Sriracha sauce.

Real talk (as if I know any other way), I have found less bliss this pregnancy than I did with Pfeiffer. Thrilled for the outcome but the process has felt different. But even with less bliss I am finding comfort in the knowns. That is something I didn’t have the first time and for someone who is type A, that was difficult at times. Even though every pregnancy and labor/delivery is different, I have a familiarity with the process and a better understanding and that brings me some peace and comfort and happiness.

Mentally and emotionally this has been more of an exhausting process than before. I’ve had trouble falling asleep and been dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome. The lack of sleep is causing emotional and depressive feelings to spike. That being said, overall, physically I have felt really good for the most part. I’ve been doing new HIIT classes at the gym and can feel how strong my heart is. I’m still trying to do something to move my body everyday and do a combination of workouts like I did the first time. Working currently on being very intentional with doing more yoga as I know it’ll help my body and also my mind.

Trying to focus on time as a family of three vs trying to rush to be a family of four. Soaking up all the one-on-one time with Pfeiffer, as I know this will be fleeting and change drastically when her brother arrives.

My dad and his wife, Jinny, have been in town from Washington and have been helping us prep the baby’s room. Took us about 4 hours but we put the dresser together and Jeff and I switched the crib to the new nursery and Pfeiffer got herself a big girl bed. Lots of decorating still needs to be done but we are getting some large tasks done and it feels good!

Overall, I have spent a lot of time in prayer thus far this pregnancy. Praying for strength, happiness, continued health for me and the baby and my family and being thankful for all the blessings (especially health and time with family) we’ve been given.

Read on for some likes, dislikes, and pics from the rest of my second trimester.

  • Likes: Constantly feeling the baby move. Not having really any Renaud’s symptoms.
  • Dislikes: Losing my hair and having dang wispy pieces are driving me crazy. My major sleeping issues have definitely been the biggest dislike.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Continuing to honor and enjoy my time solely with P and finishing up his room.
  • What I’m not excited about: My body continuing to expand.
  • Things that make me nervous: Getting uncomfortably big, not knowing what the state of the pandemic will be like when he’s born, and how we will be able to handle adjusting and the stress of our new life.

Here are some pregnancy related pics. Sharing changing body pics doesn’t come naturally to me but I feel it’s part of the process and something that should be shared.


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