First trimester + second trimester (through week 22) happenings: I briefly touched on my first trimester in my year-end recap post here but I’ll sum it up for you here as well in word word: rough. Jeff and I had fun things happening at the end of last year but my all-day sickness and exhaustion came on strong. I eventually had to get on anti-nausea meds because nothing else was helping. Where has Zofran been all my life?! It was a game-changer for sure. Nothing but rest could help with the exhaustion and I could never seem to get enough but at least my nausea ended up subsiding. This pregnancy has felt different than the first. There’s still a genuine excitement, of course, and every pregnancy is different and brings a level of newness but if I’m being honest it hasn’t been as much fun as the first time. Probably because I’ve had a toddler to keep up with while navigating the changes in my hormones and body and job path. I’m trying to be intentional about not wanting to wish this time away (especially since it very well probably will be my last time being pregnant and because I truly really enjoyed being pregnant last time) but I do find myself just ready for the next chapter as a family of four.

Not sure if I’m now in ‘nesting’ mode or if that’s simply my standard but I’m ready to turn our office space into the baby’s room. I’ve started sorting through Pfeiffer’s old clothes to see if there’s any unisex items we can use for the babe. Next step is making our registry. I don’t think we will have a theme for the room but I want to incorporate grays and blacks. We’re trying to use what we currently have in Pfeiffer’s room and in our house for furniture and such. We will be moving Pfeiffer into a trundle bed we already have and baby boy will get her crib. If anyone wants to buy Jeff’s old desk, let me know ha! Currently my Pat Pierce inventory is taking up the closet space in the future baby’s room but I’m thinking baby boys don’t have much hanging clothing as little girls do. On the hunt for a new rocker. I want a gray one that rocks and also can recline so if anyone had suggestions, please comment below!

My Raynaud’s, which I struggled with during my first pregnancy and which you can read about in greater detail here, has been acting up again but is much milder than last time. Thank God!! I was very worried about this since the cold triggers it and, hello it’s been winter, but I’m happy to report it’s been sporadic and not as bad.

Happy to be over halfway and chugging along well! I’ll continue to keep everyone updated!

Read on for some likes, dislikes, and pics from the first trimester and part one of the second trimester.

  • Likes: Telling our family and friends and then finding out it’s a boy. Getting over the constant first trimester hangover. Being able to feel the baby move. Enjoying this time with only Pfeiffer and watching her be excited about the baby.
  • Dislikes: The above mentioned first trimester hangover and generally state of not feeling like myself.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Getting his room set up.
  • What I’m not excited about: The uncomfortable feeling that comes with my body changing and the baby growing (the sore muscles and aches and tight clothing).
  • Things that make me nervous: Transitioning Pfeiffer into a big girl bed and how she will really feel when the baby is here. She’s very excited but will she remain that way? I hope, but I do know it’ll be an adjustment. It’s so sweet to see how excited she is now.

Here are some pregnancy related pictures and videos (including the one where Pfeiffer’s and I told Jeff about the baby!). Sharing changing body pics doesn’t come naturally to me but I feel it’s part of the process and something that should be shared (and I did it last time).


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