I Wrote A Kid’s Book

While attempting to entertain ourselves and our children on the RV ride back from our trip to the Smokies, we started rhyming about dinosaurs. Albino dinos, at that. When we got home, my sister-in-law and I decided we were going to make a YouTube video for a song for the new genre of ‘Kids Music That Doesn’t Suck’ all about this dinosaur. Well, I quickly took this and decided instead of making a song (I suppose we still could ha) I was going to write a little children’s book.

Wedding Weekend in Colorado

Due to COVID and the ridiculousness that’s been 2020, this sweet couple, Jake (who Jeff met in college) and Jen, had to drastically trim their guest list and change their wedding plans, so we were thrilled to be included in celebrating their specifically day. And who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Colorado?! We …