So often we have thoughts that feel like they’re taking over all of the space in our brains. Some of the latest for me has been thinking about kindergarten and next best steps academically for our daughter, but that’s a story for another time. We talk about these things with our partners, our parents, our friends, in hopes that they’ll give us guidance or provide answers. Or we try to process it alone, not wanting to include others, which often leads to less clarity and more spinning our thoughts around in our brain.

Why am I not seeking out God first?

I am constantly dealing with issues or struggles or even just minor decisions yet why am I not constantly reminded to take these things to God first? It’s like I talk things to death with myself and others and then use God as a last resort, which I’m ashamed to admit. That’s why I love having this verse as a reminder. I keep it on my phone lock screen or background and it’s a nudge in the right direction of where to go.

Pray about it (whatever it is). God wants to help, wants to give you guidance. Allow him to do that.

Hint: save this image in your favorite photos or on your phone background or lock screen or print it out somewhere you’ll always see it.


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