New Orleans (aka Nola) + Silewski (family’s last name)+ current year = title of this post. Now let’s get chatting about the third annual Silewski cousin trip!

Living in Pensacola for so long, I’ve gone to New Orleans lots of times but lots of my cousins had never been. It’s always fun visiting a city you love with people who have never been and experiencing it with fresh eyes.

We stayed at this VRBO and loved the house. Historic, charming, big enough for all of us to fit more than comfortably, and great location. Here’s a video tour of the place that doesn’t even include the lower level.

We did touristy things, as well as tapped into local spots, listened to awesome music, shopped, tried new without classes, and even had a private chef experience (they did a southern boil). It was a good balance between busy and relaxing. (Hate coming back from a vacation feeling like I need another one just to recover.)

Check out the photo highlights:

Have you been to New Orleans? What’d you do? And did you like it? I love this city and people! There’s nowhere like Nola and no people like my cousins. Next year we’re deciding between Austin, Texas, one of the Florida Keys, or Tulum, Mexico. Where would you pick? Let me know below!


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