Well, bittersweet to be wrapping up my birthday month but more sweet than bitter since we’re finally on our way to Iceland (a trip 2+ years in the making!).

I had a little issue yesterday while working and had to have my big toenail removed. (I dropped a bathroom scale on my foot and my nail pretty much cracked in half so they opted to go ahead and take care of it.) Please send prayers everything feels okay while we’re hiking and exploring!

If you’re looking for home organizing help, I’m booking out into October (and beyond) so let me know if I can help calm the chaos or create functional systems that work in your house now that kids are back in school and the holidays will be here before we know it. Don’t be surprised if I show up in steel toe boots though! Ha Check out all about Organizing With E here!

Here are my ‘lasts’ for August:

How was your month? Tell me some of your lasts!


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