Second trimester happenings: It’s week 19 and the heating pad is officially my best friend. I’ll often sleep with it to help with any sciatica pains I’m having (and I’m sure the aches and soreness of my body will continue as I grow and stretch so I’ll be keeping it on hand). It’s also helped with some other issues I’ve been having. WARNING, if you are a male, particularly a family member, you may want to skip to the part where it says ‘CONTINUE READING’. That being said, I have been dealing with what I think is Raynaud’s of the nipple, which is basically vasospasms (sudden constriction/narrowing of a blood vessel in the extremities) and it can be very painful. I’ve hit the floor, falling to my knees with nausea it’s been so bad. Even when it’s ‘mild’ it still has a very painful sensation. Now that I’ve been dealing with this in my lady parts, I think I may have it in my feet as well and just never put a name on it, however, in my feet, it doesn’t hurt. They simply just turn pretty extreme colors, usually when I’m cold. Not to continue to be graphic but the extreme colors also happen in my nipples, usually white or blue and then back to normal once the blood flow returns. The only immediate relief is heat and if I’m home I’ll either try the heating pad or jump in the hot shower when that doesn’t work. When I’m out and about I just have to try to use my yoga breathing (to heat up internally, to calm me, and hopefully ease the pain), try to get some blood flow back, and bare through it, which is sometimes easier said than done. I’ve done tons of research for what may help, what causes it, etc. My OB had never heard of Raynaud’s in the nipple. Jeff’s uncle is also an OB and I talked to him about it to see if he had any experience with it. You may be thinking, talk to your uncle about your nipples?! Yikes! Yeah, I thought that at first too but you know what, he’s a doctor and when you have this type of hyper-focused pain and you don’t know what to do, you’ll try just about anything. He suggested taking vitamin E oil orally, which can help with maintaining healthy blood vessels and if nothing else, doesn’t hurt anything. So I am currently trying that and will report back. I will say that since it began, early in my pregnancy, it has gotten better. I’m not sure if that’s because I am working hard to prevent it from happening or if it’s just subsiding and will hopefully go away. The other thing I have for when I’m out and about are inserts to put in my bra. Know what a space blanket is like? It’s pretty much made of that and helps keep heat locked in (since the cold is a big trigger). I don’t care if I feel like I’m back at Space Camp and those things are bulky and loud, if it helps, I’ll try it! I’ll report back. Again, my apologies if this seems graphic or like TMI but I know it’s rare and if anyone has experience with it then I’d love to hear their story or at least share mine so they know they aren’t the only one.


During week 20 Jeff was able to feel the baby kick for the first time. His eyes still light up the same every time he feels he move. It really is an unreal, incredible feeling. Also, now that it’s week 20 and we are HALFWAY should we start counting down?!

Starting week 23! We have hired our doula and we are thrilled to have her locked down. Our good friend who recently had a baby and used her said it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him haha.

It hit me earlier this week that we’re 4 months away! I feel like there’s more I should be doing yet I’m not sure what. My stepdad Larry is making our crib and changing dresser (feel as though this is so special and can’t wait to see it finished) and we don’t have any other big items for the nursery yet so we can’t really begin on that. We’re constantly working on our registry so that’s covered. We’re continuing to narrow down the names on our list so that’s good. What else should I be doing to prepare? I know people say time slows down in the 3rd trimester but we’ve got some summer plans for the next few months and I just feel as though it’s going to go by quickly!

The Snoogle pillow has now replaced the heating pad as my BFF (see picture below if you’re unsure of what this is). This is a game changer and I honestly may use it all the time, pregnant or not. It’s amazing. Thanks again to my baby daddy for getting it for me as an early Mother’s Day gift. That’s another thing, I didn’t realize I could ‘officially’ celebrate Mother’s Day but apparently I can. That was a surreal feeling. Even though I guess I’m not ‘technically’ a mom, I felt very honored to be included on such a sacred and special day.

  • Likes: Feeling the baby move. It’s pretty much the coolest thing. She now really feels like a real human kiddo.
  • Dislikes: My shoddy immune system. Been struggling with what should have just been allergies or a cold but has turned into a sinus infection and has put me on my butt.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Now that it’s getting hot, trying out aqua aerobics (yep, I said it, cue the laughter). Trust me, this won’t be your grandma’s workout!
  • What I’m not excited about: The thought of becoming super emotional. So far I’ve been pretty even-keeled and haven’t really felt like my changing hormones have changed my emotions. I’m hoping it stays that way but not sure if it’s possible to luck out like that hah.
  • Things that make me nervous: Not really knowing if there’s any else or any more I should be doing right now. We could be counting down now and I know the summer will fly by and I don’t want it to get away from me and then have a bunch of stuff that I need to do. But someone would let me know if I should be doing something that I’m not currently doing, right? I’m sure it’s fine.

Not creating a huge ‘bump’ but rather my entire midsection is expanding. Also, maybe apparently I have a long torso? Never thought any of my body parts were ‘long’ since I’m so short 🙂 Jeff said I just look like a really muscular woman aka a female body builder hah (Also, not use to sharing this many photos but trying to be transparent in sharing this journey.)

Every year on our anniversary we take a picture holding our wedding picture (picture inside a picture inside a picture). This year to celebrate we went to Biloxi and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel so we took our picture holding this adorable onesie we got baby Bell.

Baby Bell enjoyed the Veg Fest in Pensacola by eating some delicious vegan Brazilian food and fresh coconut water.

I’m not going to be one of those women who touches her belly in every picture but this felt appropriate for Mother’s Day (and people have been asking about my bump).

Why not


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