So we had planned to be in Iceland with friends and family for my 30th birthday trip but thanks to the ‘rona, that was out so we decided to stay close and take a RV trip. I’ve wanted to take a RV trip for awhile now so it worked out well as a backup.

Anyways, we rented an RV (and now I’m convinced I want to buy one HA) through Cruise America with my parents and had our first stop at Deep Creek Campground outside of Bryson City, a North Carolina.

We then decided to head to Smokemont Campground about 40 minutes NE of where we were (both campsites were in the national park) to stay the night.

We headed out to continue north to our final overnight stop in Sevierville, Tennessee at our Airbnb cabin. Along the way we made a few scenic pitstops for pictures and hikes with the most significant stop at Clingmans Dome.

My brother, sister-in-law, and niece flew up and met us at the cabin to stay and ride back in the RV with us.

The trip consisted of hiking, cool temps, lots of laughs, no makeup, wild animals, a handful of shooting stars and satellite sightings, and even a rainbow on the way home. I had one of the best birthday celebrations ever just enjoying and appreciating the outdoors and family.

And we are already planning our next RV trip. We’re thinking somewhere close, probably in Georgia, if anyone has any suggestions! And if anyone is planning a trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and wants any feedback, please let me know!


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