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So I’ve touched on my feelings of dealing with anxiety and depression in previous posts but here’s a little more of a quick breakdown. The first time I remember struggling with depression was in college and then significantly again postpartum but I’ve struggled with anxiety probably the majority of my life, I just may have not realized to label it that.

Anyways, so while being deep into postpartum depression at the end of last year, I talked with a variety of friends who had dealt with similar things, whether postpartum specifically or just serve anxiety and the consensus was to try CBD. I knew I did not want to dive straight into antidepressants as my doctor had, not surprisingly, suggested, if there was another possible avenue. So I took the plunge and bought some tincture oil from Lazarus Naturals. My friend assured me that I wouldn’t feel like I was on anything but would just feel better.

Let me give you a little lowdown, surface level info on what I know about CBD. So the cannabis plant is made up of CBD and THC and the THC portion is what gets you high while the CBD side leaves you feeling relaxed or calm without the psychoactive properties (also has been known to help with pain and seizures) AND it’s legal.

And now let me talk for a minute about Lazarus Naturals. This company is incredible. They offer assistance programs for veterans, people with long-term disability, and low-income households. The free shipping and easy returns don’t hurt either.

Okay, now back to the story. CBD oil as a daily regime, as with some other medicines like antidepressants, takes some time to build up in your system and show its effects. I tried it for a few months and did see results. I felt like it did really work to help my anxiety but because it was subtle changes, after a few months I just let my regime lapse and stopped ordering.

Well, as it often does, anxiety, slight depression, and tons of stress crept back in a few months after I stopped the oils and I knew I wanted/needed to get back into my CBD groove. I kept getting fliers (and coupons) for a new, local, woman-owned, pet and kid friendly, CBD juice bar called Tallulah and so Jeff and I figured it was a great place to go checkout (our puppy Hartley needed some new CBD to try for her pain and storm anxiety as well). Well, we went and stocked up! They pride themselves on having Tallahassee’s largest selection for people and pets. It’s a cute little store with a large variety of products for men, women, pets ranging from drinks to oils to joints to gummies to cookies (and in a non-COVID world, juices and ice cream). And we got almost everything I just mentioned ha! Check out their Facebook for a look inside the place and to learn more about their products.

I liked most everything we tried but have been committing almost daily to using these Wyld gummies and am hooked (this is my second container of them). They’re easier than using an oil (no measuring or counting droplets) and are vegan and tasty and come in a variety or flavors.

Pfeiffer enjoyed herself in their little kiddo area tucked in the back of the store. And I got some one-on-one shopping being the only other person in there.
“Shine from within!”

I also just received some Young Living CBD from my mom as part of my birthday basket that’s for topical use only that I cant wait to try, being that I love their essential oils so much (will report back)!

All in all, I’m now a true believer in CBD and would highly (no pun intended) recommend trying it. It’s helped me with my anxiety for sure. When I use it, it doesn’t feel like I’ve taken anything but it takes the edge off. I just feel better. More calm. I still absolutely feel stress but not as uneasy or wound up. If there’s something that’s natural that can help with anxiety (or just to help mellow ya out), then really what’s there to lose?? I’d also love to hear anyone else’s thoughts or experience and free to comment below and ask me any questions!


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