Okay, so I think I need to quit feeling like my hair is soo blonde. It is blonde but in the world of hair dye, it’s not very light. I say this to preface part two of my hair coloring story. (Here’s part one in case you missed it.)

So I decided to try Overtone this time which is a little bit more official than a spray on kind I tried initially. That being said, I assumed the more permanent dye would work better but I still ended up disappointed. Yes, it definitely worked better but I understand why people say to bleach your hair first to get the look you want (which I’m not interested in doing right now). Even though I don’t color my hair at all normally, it still didn’t soak it in and turn it as pink as I wanted. Check it out…

All in all, it was fun and this may change in the future but for now my coloring days are over. Oh well; was fun while it lasted!

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