Hi! I’m teaming up with my cousin Holly at Osborn Extravaganza for our series, Mid-Month Minutia: Little Details of Random Things. For February, fitting with the lovey dovey theme that rings throughout the month, we’re discussing a detail about our spouse that we love. Check out what Holly has to say about her hubby here.

I could ramble on about Jeff and all the things I love about him. The fact he makes me laugh every day, is an amazing father, an incredible bestie, a hard worker, an excellent provider. He’s silly and fun and adventurous and so smart. He’s honest and trustworthy. He’s fun and his looks don’t hurt either. He’s a sweet boy, a good man. But anyways, I’ll try to keep it short and simple and highlight just one thing right now that I love about him.

I can be my own worst enemy sometimes. I can be hard on myself, overly critical, and judgmental but Jeff never is towards me. He helps to validate my feelings, talks me off the ledge, eases my anxiety, makes me not feel guilty for things I shouldn’t, makes me see the good (and when things arent a big deal), stress less, and feel better about myself. He’s easier on me than I am and I need that.

What’s something you love about your significant other or best friend?


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