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Alright y’all so after wearing a pink wig for Halloween and loving it (and receiving compliments) I decided to tip my toe into the waters or temporary hair dye. I was in Target grabbing some baby stuff on New Years Eve when I decided just to give this temporary spray a try. I had read good reviews and seen good results and decided this was a good place to start. Then if I liked it I could dive into a longer lasting dye since this one comes out in a few washes. Let me make a note that I have only one other tile colored my hair. I was young and decided red hair would be fun and my hairdresser aunt assured my mom it would be out before school started. Well red turned into orange and lasted much longer than expected. That being said, I assumed my naturally blonde hair would soak up any dye this can had to offer.

Here are some before, during and after pictures. As you can see, the dye was not what I expected. It barely showed up! I tried again on dry hair and still, the same thing. Then I decided to try all of the remaining can (thinking maybe I wasn’t applying enough). In the end some showed up but definitely not the result others had and that I was hoping for.

What do you think, should I take this as a sign to not go forward with it or should I try this brand that came recommended but is a bit more permanent? Let me know in the comments below!


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