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Here are some of the latest things we’ve been eating…

So if you’ve never tried aminos, do it! The coconut ones taste sweet, like, hence the name, coconut, and the Bragg’s taste like soy sauce but the way they’re produced releases amino acids so it’s a bit healthier than just using soy sauce or other seasonings. Regardless, they are just tasty. I’ll press tofu and then create a marinade. From there you can bake or fry in a pan or just eat over a salad. You also can skip the marinade and just add the tofu with the sauces to a stir fry, pictured below. Here’s the link for the coconut aminos and here’s the link for the Bragg aminos.
Homemade soy yogurt made in the Instapot (seriously SO easy) with toasted wheat germ (reminds me of pie crust). Let me know if anyone wants the recipe for making the yogurt!
Hummus loosely following the recipe on the back of the tahini jar.
This doesn’t look too appealing but I made a 15 bean soup in the Instapot and added tofu and spinach and it was a hit. Basically any soups I’ve tried in the Instapot have worked great.
Quinoa and barley with ‘sauce’, aka tofu garlic dressing from Ever’man’s in Pensacola. Both P and her little bud Brooks are hooked on that sauce. And so am I. Up next I’m going to attempt to make it.
Tempeh which you can fry up or serve in strips. People add to mock BLT sandwiches, I’ve bake smoke tempeh in cubes like this and served with a cranberry sauce, or for what I did on that day was just fry with Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Order that seasoning here or make your own.
Did you know there was such a thing as healthy ramen? Well now you know…and here’s the link for this oldie but goodie new take on a classic comfort food.
Pfeiffer enjoying her ramen plus tofu and edamame and squash. Only suggestion would be to add some more veggies and/or tofu to the ramen to make it a heartier meal.
Shakeology mug cakes.
Hummus Lady hummus with crackers and carrot chips. If you are in the Pensacola, Florida area, look for her hummus. The best.
Straight up green beans.
I loosely follow the below curry recipe from the How Not To Die Cookbook. I’ll add or substitute items depending on what I have and it tastes good any way you make it. I also don’t blend anything like it calls for. This is a staple in our house and a win for everyone I’ve served it to. Here’s the link to the cookbook and Dr. Greger’s How Not To Die book which highlights was to prevent death from the leading causes of death in our country (cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.). Such good reads and resources and seriously, I have such a nerd crush on Dr. Greger. Learn more about him and the research-driven studies his team is doing here.
Cute cumbers from Costco. Basically, just mini cucumbers.
This was some of the best freeze-dried fruit I’ve tasted. No sugar added and it’s thick chunks of peaches and Pfeiffer wouldn’t stop eating them until the bag was gone. I look forward to trying some of their other fruit. Here’s the link to the peaches.

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