Nashville + Silewski + current year = title of this post. Okay, now that we’ve decoded that, let’s get chatting about the first annual Silewski cousin trip! My trip looked a little different than most of the cousins cause I felt what I thought was a cold coming on the day before we left (turned into losing my voice almost completely by the time we landed and then fast forward to Monday at urgent care when they tell me it’s Sinobronchitis). But anyways, so while I didn’t want to miss out on any family time, I also needed to take care of my body. So I forgo a few lunches, bars, and ax throwing but still managed to pack plenty in and most importantly get lots of quality time with my cousins.

We danced to great live music, took Barre3 for the first time, shopped a little (I literally only bought cocktail napkins hah), went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and ate some delicious food. Oh and stayed in an awesome loft.

Check out my video tour of the loft, our pictures, and a dancing/sing-a-long video.

Never a shortage of good live music in this city.

Nashville was a success and I love these people so much! Next year, New Orleans!

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