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I could go on and on regarding the importance of what we put into our bodies, why I became vegetarian and why I continue to be vegan, or how food can be an incredible form of medicine, but I’ll save all that for another time and skip to just chatting about what we’ve been eating after a brief intro. From the beginning we wanted Pfeiffer to eat healthy and eat what we eat (I don’t want to be making separate meals for each member in our family). We started her on solids, loosely following the Baby Led Weaning method for food introduction, and have been intentional with what we give her (broccoli was her first food, from our garden I might add). I am determined to raise a healthy little one so I’m focused on only nutritious foods in her body that contain low or no added sugar (I am not referring to natural sugars such as fruit but added sugars in store bought items) and she follows a plant-based diet (minus organic cage/hormone/antibiotic free eggs as a compromise to my hubs).

Anyways, I’ve had multiple people ask me for suggestions for veg meals, whether for their kiddos or for themselves so here are a few things we’re eating lately. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional chef (I am aiming to do new recipes each week) nor am I a food blogger. That being said, things may not be complex or pretty but they are nutritious and tasty. Here goes!

Oh also, let me say sorry in advance for mostly pictures of Pfeiffer. I don’t often take pictures of myself eating or solely my food but I will try to remember to! And also, these are just the things I’ve taken pictures of. It’s not second nature for me to snap any pictures with food but again, moving forward, I will try to remember to more often. (Food not pictured that we love lately is oatmeal, edamame or chickpea pasta, smoked tofu, sweet potatoes plain or stuffed with any favorite toppings, Cutie oranges for the extra vitamin C, daily Shakeology for me and Jeff, and all the special holiday fare hah)

I usually make my own Larabars for the whole family using our Baby Bullet (mix any dried fruit with any nut…possibilities are endless) but while traveling these store bought ones are perfect. Here’s an apple pie one.
I’ve made her smash cake multiple times but now I put in a bread dish and serve like traditional banana bread to the family. I follow this recipe but leave out the maple syrup and forget about the icing. I’ve also made with pumpkin purée which is super tasty.
The neighbors had us over for black bean lettuce wraps. She simply ate the filling (black beans, corn, avocado, brown rice) and some veggies on the side.
Pfeiffer and her cousin Mila love these popsicles. Simply use a mold like this and add unsweetened applesauce then freeze!
It’s always a culinary treat when my dad and his wife are in town. Jinny is an amazing cook and loves to experiment. Here’s my sis-in-law with Pfeiffer trying sushi for the first time made with brown rice, avocado, vegan cream cheese (we love the Mykonos brand because it’s made from cashews and healthy vs the other uber processed kinds), and cucumber. Below is Jinny making it.
My dad is the pancake king. We grew up having to guess what all he put in them and it was always random and off the wall but tasty. Here’s a recipe he used when he was here. of course you can serve with any type of topping you want.

Ingredients for 4 servings
1.5 cups whole wheat flour
1.5 tablespoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
1.5 cups non-dairy milk
1.5 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1.5 teaspoons vanilla
1 banana
1/2 cup mixed berries
Can add a little stevia if not sweet enough.

-In a medium bowl, add the flour, baking powder, and salt, and stir to combine.
-In a mixer, add milk, apple cider vinegar, vanilla, and fruit and mix to combine.
-Pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture and whisk until smooth.
-Let batter rest for 5 minutes.
-Pour about ½ cup of batter onto a nonstick pan or griddle over medium heat.
-When the top begins to bubble, flip the pancake and cook until golden.

These are Vegan Rob’s Beet Puffs. They have a texture like Cheeto puffs but are so much healthier for you. They carry a variety of flavors that can be viewed here.
Pretty much whenever we go anywhere that I have to bring a side, I bring Texas Caviar. It’s a hit with everyone. You can eat it with a spoon or with some tortilla chips. Below is the way old recipe card. You can leave out the jalapeños and can use stevia one lieu of sugar.
Hummus and veggies are always a win.
Quick random lunch or snack. Sun-dried tomatoes, olive salad and chickpeas. Eat on its own or with crackers.
Current picture of our pantry. Doesn’t look like much but we keep canned veggies and beans, nuts, crackers, popcorn, and Shakeology constantly stocked. And don’t mind the surplus of Stooowafels from Amsterdam we’re still eating our way through.

I hope this was helpful! If it was, please let me know and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!


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