Hi! I’m teaming up with my cousin Holly at Osborn Extravaganza for our series, Mid-Month Minutia: Little Details of Random Things. For December we’re discussing small details or traditions of Christmas that we love. For me, I’m chatting about Christmas decorations.

Why can’t my decor always feel as magical as it does during Christmastime? (I’m not going to turn into the person that keeps a Christmas tree up year round but I understand the appeal.) I have bought very few pieces of my Christmas stuff. Most of my decorations have been fun or sweet gifts or hand-me-downs full of family keepsakes and vintages treasures. I like to put something in every room of the house so the Christmas theme rings throughout. Here are some snapshots of the Christmas decor around my house.

For the sake of transparency and full disclosure, I will say that the outside of my house has a snowman and a few evergreen sprigs hanging from our windows. We. Are. Slacking. Almost everyone on our block has elaborate outdoor decorations so our house looks pretty sad. We trashed a bunch of our lights before moving and haven’t replaced them. At this point we will probably wait until after Christmas and buy some when they go on sale. Oh well.

Another tradition of Christmas I love is that my family does our big celebration on Christmas Eve. The evening is full of food, opening gifts from family, and just spending time together (and often includes matching pjs). Then on Christmas morning we open stockings from Santa and get our yearly ornaments (yet another tradition I love). I don’t know if my grandparents first started this or if it’s older than that but regardless it’s especially fun because it stretches the holiday out even more. This also works perfectly now that I’m married because we can split our time with both our families without missing out (and of course this is because our parents live in the same town).

What are some details or traditions of Christmas or wintertime that you love? Please share by commenting below!

Let us keep in mind what this holiday is all about and keep the focus on the things that truly matter. Merry Christmas friends!


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