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I am not good at packing light so of course for my Amsterdam trip I brought my largest suitcase (read all about my favorite luggage to use here) and stuffed it full but I ended up wearing a few staple items throughout the trip and I would highly suggest these types of things for European travel in the fall. This is a more practical and functional list of favorites so it doesn’t include jewelry (which I always think is a must) or other random things.

Here goes:

  • Layers including sweaters and scarves. These are a must as the weather can change throughout the day and be unpredictable. Many of my clothing items are vintage and you can find some cute things at my online store, Pat Pierce (where we are currently running our holiday sales!). This teddy top that is comfy like a sweatshirt but cute like a sweater is for sale now here.
    • I am a huge fan of infinity scarves and I recommend having a tan one and a black one. My tan one is lighter weight and my black is more chunky and cozy. Sometimes I even wear them together. Find a few that suit your needs here.
  • Raincoat. Mine is by Columbia and it’s a little bit longer than a normal rain jacket but I love that it covers my bottom. I bring it with me pretty much everywhere. A good raincoat is so important, especially if you live in Florida or are traveling to Europe during fall ha. I think my mom wore hers almost every day we were there. Light, practical, smart. Find it here in a variety of colors.
Amsterdam October 2019
  • Belt bag. They are fun, practical, and safe. Mine was by Betsey Johnson (and the phone part actually works when you connect it to your cell but you can also take that off if it’s too bulky) and you can find it here. But if that’s too extra for you, here are a variety of other ones by her.
  • Comfy shoes. I loved wearing my black Nike tennies as well as my new vegan leather Doc Martens. The Nikes were a perfect black shoe and the cherry Docs were comfy and had a fun platform. Find similar Nikes here and the Docs here. I also wore my high-top Converse which felt very Euro. Also a good choice for comfort and style. I designed mine on their website (initials on the back with rose gold and marble details) but here are some classic white ones.

Hope these are helpful for any of your future travel needs!


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