On Sunday we started by getting Euros (yes, we were getting by without any cash) back in the central part of town. We stumbled upon a rubber duck store so naturally we went in to buy gifts for the kiddos (and Anna bought one for my brother Ron hah). But the biggest things on our agenda for the day was our boat trip around the canals and on the Amstel and seeing a windmill. The boat ride was one of my favorite things we did on the trip. Being on (note that I said on, not in) the water is my happy place. Put me on any kind of boat and I’ll have an instant smile. With their being over 150 canals, it’s such a fun way to see the city. Our guide was fun, knowledgeable, and super personable. We ended the day at a Spanish restaurant.

The cutest little store.
Bikes, bikes, bikes. Most facts show that there are over 880k bikes in Amsterdam, making the number of bikes higher than the number of people. It is definitely top of their list of transportation methods and this is seen in how their traffic functions: the first priority are cyclists, the second are cars, and third are pedestrians. Yep, cars yield to bikes in this city. I saw maybe two people wearing a helmet (and one was what I think was an Asian tourist) and that includes babies. With all of that being said, Amsterdam is actually the second most bike-friendly city in the world, behind Copenhagen. One of my besties Cookie lives In Copenhagen so maybe she can confirm this 🙂
Inside of a cute spot we stopped at before the canal ride.
On the boat which was stocked with great snacks, drinks, and people.
Vegetarian bitterbal (a Dutch staple) which is basically just chopped veggies fried on dough balls.
The next few pictures are as we approach the University of Amsterdam.
Got to ride on the steps of the boat and get a higher view.
Passed by the zoo.
Replica of an old ship.
Science museum.
Love my mama.
Cathy having fun!
An now for some videos of the ride…
Canals leading into the Amstel River.
De Gooyer windmill next to the Brouwerij ‘t IJ brewery, inhabited in an old bath house named Funen.
We tried a flight.
Figured a selfie was a good idea.
Neat studio and store where my mom decided to get her sweatshirt fix in.
Spanish restaurant specializing in pintxos, similar to tapas.
Asparagus, caramelized onion and red pepper salad.
Sweet potato and mushroom risotto.
Loved this little Buddha in our apartment.

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