On Saturday we started by touring around a local market then we wanted to find a cheese and wine tasting so we ventured to a recommended spot just to find out that that location didn’t have them but not to worry, we decided to go tot he north side of the city to hop on a free ferry and venture to their other location. Later in the day we grabbed dinner and went to the Irish party at Big Jon’s bar (remember him from day 1?). We concluded our evening by swinging by another coffeeshop and heading home.

Rainy day view from our apartment.
The market pictures begin…
Those are all different types of mushrooms. We stopped for a grilled mushroom snack which was amazing.
Cheese shop #1.
Stumbled upon a march from animal rights in Dam Square.
Anna having fun taking my picture in Dam Square/city center.
Up ahead is the central station to catch the ferry.
The ‘right’ cheese shop.
View of central station from across the river.
Liked their vibe…
Anna needs her sweet fix. Here she grabbed vegan cake on a stick.
Grabbing a drink.
I got hooked on these tripel (referring to the way their made using up to three times the amount of malt in regular beer) type of beers.
Dinner time
Birthday girls…
Delicious vegetarian moussaka and salad.
Big Jon’s bar, Cafe de Oude Schaeper
Irish band
Us with Jon
Another coffeeshop
Coffeeshop decor I dug…

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  1. Amsterdam was one of the first European cities I’ve visited, and I fell for it right away because its elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades were unlike anything I’ve seen before. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

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    1. Yes, it is definitely unlike any place I’ve visited. They compare it to Venice, Italy but the only similarity are the canals; they are very different. I’d love to return and venture out to the countryside of the Netherlands in the spring and see the tulips. Please subscribe to my blog to see the rest of our days unfold in Amsterdam. Thanks for reading!


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