I know there are many verses like this one but this spoke to me during my morning devotional.

I struggle with an anxious mind, feeling trapped in my head, over analytical thinking, self-doubt, confusion, worry. I often feel as though my brain betrays me and hurts me. I know I’m not unique or special in these challenges and it’s something others face too.

I am hesitant to say things like “spiritual attack” and talk about the devil but I know that these things are not from God. They are not helpful and not beneficial. So on the days when I feel overcome by these things (cue almost in tears with the “overwhelming” choice of trying to decide on a rug in Target, yeah, seriously, and the list could go on) I need to recall this verse. These thoughts are not from God. He is bigger than they are.

I’m smart (thank you Lord) and my brain is a powerful thing and I need to focus on the good it can do and not these other thoughts.

He does not bring confusion. He brings peace. He is peace. And if you’re like me, I pray this fact gives your mind something else to think about and also brings you peace.


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