I’m a little late on this post because we got home from New Orleans and then I caught a stomach bug, ugh! Anyways, my cousin, Jason, and his fiance, Katie, came to Florida to visit us and for their graduation present my mom gifted them/us this Airbnb (we loved it) in New Orleans for the weekend. Jeff unfortunately wasn’t able to make the trip but we met up with one of my besties, Caitlin, who lives there and we had an awesome time.

First stop was Commander’s Palace for fancy lunch including $.25 martinis. I had never been here before!
Should’ve said we were celebrating a birthday so we could’ve gotten balloons too hah
Jason and Katie
Me and Caitlin
Not sure why I didn’t take pictures of all of our food (guess I was too hungry haha) but here are our desserts. Their gourmet vegan sorbet was amazing.
Outside the cemetery across from lunch.
Had to get them a purple drink at Lafitte’s.
Caitlin’s face when Jason said he wanted water instead. Turns out his nut allergy doesn’t just include peanuts. He had to go take a break after lunch because of the pecans he ate. Poor thing was sick and in bed for the afternoon so Caitlin and I just bounced around town. I’m so thankful he recovered Friday evening and we still had the rest of the weekend to explore!
I don’t need another koozie but I do need to remember this spot to return back to. Amazing music (not that that’s a surprise in Nola).
I had never had this local beer and in was tasty. So refreshing.
Of course we couldn’t resist the standard strawberry.
Tiptoeing our way through the courtyard where we met up with some of Caitlin’s colleges celebrating a birthday.
Jason recovered and decided pizza sounded best to him so we hit up Domenica.
Afterwards we walked to Carousel bar and around Bourbon Street (had to). They said rowdy was an understatement and I agree.
Saturday for lunch Caitlin took us here for where she thinks the best Po’boys in the city are.
They had tons of vegetarian options and no one left hungry.
After lunch it POURED and the streets flooded (per usual). Jason and Katie went to the WWII museum but I decided to save going there for when I was with Jeff (we’ve both been wanting to go) and instead, take a nap, do some yoga, and have some quiet time alone, which rarely happens.
Loved the journal our Airbnb host Brenda left for people to write in as well as all the Nola magazines.
Panoramic view of our condo.
When they got back from the museum we went to the Rusty Nail for disco lemonades.
Stumbled across a tv show set as we braved the rain and headed over the the Jackson Square area.
Jackson Square and Saint Louis Cathedral
Tried to go to the market but we were too late.
Love all the courtyards in this city.
Went to Auction House Market for cafeteria style dinner.
I’d like all of the decor in here but I NEED these hanging fixtures.
Panoramic picture of the market.
I went with Thai food and it did not disappoint.
Art gallery next to our condo.
Walking down Camp Street back to our condo.
Let Jason and Katie have the condo to themselves and enjoyed a much needed, good ole fashioned sleepover with Cait.
Sunday morning Caitlin and I went to workout at Hour Blast (Katie and Jason tried to go to St. Patrick’s Catholic mass across the street from our condo but she slept on her alarm and didn’t wake up) and then we all met up for brunch at Willa Jean.

I always love being in this city and it was fun to show them some touristy spots as well as some spots off the beaten path. I can’t wait for them to visit again and of course to plan another trip to Nola!


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