Hello! I’m excited to announce my first link-up! I’m linking up with Erin over at the Perfectly Port Family to give you my 10 on the 10th. Sorry, yes, I’m a few days behind but I just decided to hop in a join so I figured better a few days late than never!

Here goes! 10 random facts about me:

1. Dresses are my preferred piece of clothing. If I could wear one everyday, I would.

2. Even though I can swim just fine, my biggest fear is drowning. I like to stay on top of the water instead of in it.

3. I danced for 15 years, doing everything from jazz to tap to clogging but ballet and pointe were always my favorite. Below is a picture of our group who came back to dance for our teacher’s 40th year teaching in 2013. One of my new year’s resolutions is to dance more, whether it’s at an actual adult class or simply in my house, I miss doing it and need it back in my life.

4. I love to travel and I want to go anywhere and everywhere but the two most random countries I’ve been to are Bosnia and Mongolia. Both I visited while my dad was overseas working at each. Below is me riding a camel in Mongolia.

5. I love ‘baby’ things. By this I mean anything that’s exceptionally small or miniature (this Tabasco for example) I just love. When I was interning at Antropologie in NYC they had a box label ‘baby things’ and it confirmed I was at the right place. Picture is blurry but the box is there and the other picture is of me working. I worked with their merchandising and display teams.

6. I love to do puzzles and play games. My perfect evening consists of playing games with family or friends. Our latest go-to games have been Rummikub, What Do You Meme, and dominoes.

7. Champagne is my go-to (alcoholic) drink. There’s always a reason to celebrate. Water and coffee are my go-to normal drinks. There’s always a reason to hydrate and to caffeinate.

8. I truly love and appreciate the simple, little things. An organized space, my husband making me coffee, waking up before your alarm and laying in bed, hearing my dogs have doggy dreams, a corny joke, etc.

9. My taste in music ranges from Christian to rap and everything in between. So I listen to pretty much everything but I have a quick trigger finger and can rarely listen to a full song.

10. I love turtles, way before this guy ever did and before he made it seem so strange hah.  

Did you learn anything new? Does anything surprise you? Does this get you thinking about 10 random facts about yourself? Share some with me!


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