What should I write about this year?

Holly over at Osborn Extravaganza asked her audience what posts they enjoyed most, what they wanted to hear more about, etc. so she could better plan her blog. I want to copy her with that as well (thanks Holly, you’ve been so helpful).

So in her essence and in the words of Adam Lambert, ‘whataya want from me‘? Or Ryan Gosling in The Notebook,

Are there specific posts you’d like to read more of? Certain posts you gravitate towards (this can be on my blog or on others that you read)? Or on the flip side, are their posts you really couldn’t care less about? I enjoy writing for myself but if a few people are entertained or enjoy it in the process, than that’s even better so I want to make it something of interest.

I’ve got ideas but love any feedback so let me know what I should write about this year in the comments below!

Thanks and happy 2018!


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