Hello! Back again for my second time linking up with Erin over at the Perfectly Port Family to give you my 10 on the 10th. This month we’re discussing 10 memories with our spouses.

It was difficult to narrow down to 10 (we’ve been together for 10 years this year and we’ve had so many incredibly good times) but here they are! 10 memories with my husband Jeff (some are specific, some are general, not sure if that’s cheating or not but oh well :)):

1. Florida State University Football Games- From Bobby Bowden retiring to winning a National Championship and some wins and losses after and in between, it’s fun that we are both FSU alumni.

2. Live Music- everything from going to see professional gigs (Brad Paisley, Citizen Cope, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper to name a few) to listening to him play covers and make up songs at home.

3. Vegas 2011- Jeff surprised me in Vegas while I was there celebrating my 21st with family. I love surprises and birthdays and him so it was a perfect gift.

4. New York City 2011- Jeff came to visit me while I was living in NYC doing an internship during the fall of 2011.

5. Bride and Groom Festivities- our engagement, parties, the wedding and honeymoon.

6. Family Vacations- From the Bahamas, to Boston, to Minnesota, to Colorado, to Michigan and lots of places in between. I love our time with family.

7. Matching Tattoos- Jeff and I got tattoos on our ring fingers for our one year wedding anniversary. His is a black band that looks just like his wedding ring (which he rarely wears now that he has a tat) and mine is the ‘J’ from his signature. If you know Jeff you know that he is not a tattoo person so for us to get this was really special.

8. Weddings of Friends and Family- I love love. Weddings are so sacred and special and they always reminds me how blessed I am to have found my partner in life.

9. Boat Days- I love being on the water. Could care less about getting a tan or being in the water but I love, love, love cruising.


10. California 2017 Trip- We explored San Francisco, Yosemite, and Oakland together, all of which neither of us had seen before. Adventuring somewhere new together, in both the city and in nature, just the two of us (minus seeing friends in Oakland), made for a perfect trip.

Can’t wait for many more memories! What are your favorites with your spouse or loved one?


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