Although breastfeeding is natural, natural doesn’t always mean easy. Between latch and supply issues, infections, leaking, the struggles of pumping while working, the occasional social stigma for nursing in public, (and I could go on and on), it can be a stressful journey, adding to the pressures of an already stressful situation of having a little one to care for.

The feeling that your body isn’t your own. Having to watch what you eat and drink. Pretty much planning your entire life around keeping a little one nourished can feel like a full time job (and actually a year of breastfeeding is approximately 1,800 hours and a full time job is 1,960 hours but who’s counting?!). But the bond is incredible. Being able to sustain life and give your baby exactly what he needs, is like a superpower. It’s an experience that I wouldn’t want to trade for anything and I have been blessed that my journey for both my littles has gone well. I nursed P for 15 months and I’m starting my second month with S and I am thankful for every moment I’ve been able to.

God designed our bodies intentionally. God is amazing. Our bodies are amazing. How He created us is incredible. Let us remember that. Let us teach our children that breasts are for feeding and normalize breastfeeding. In public. In private. Covered or uncovered. Drop the judgement and stand up against it. Support and encourage breastfeeding mothers however they need it, however you can.

Let me know your thoughts on the topic by commenting below! Happy World Breastfeeding Week!


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