I know some of us have a word for the year. Something that calls to us or something to focus our intentions on. You can read about my word for the year here. While I like having that specific word, after having Shep, I’ve also been drawn to a specific phrase:

Just try

Baby didn’t like that play mat when you attempted it last week? Just try again now.

Not thinking he’s liking that swaddle but not sure you should use another one? Just try.

Ready to get baby out of your room and into his crib? Just try.

Toddler didn’t want to eat that squash last night? Just try again tonight.

Not sure how your first family outing with two kids will go? Just freaking try.

While, I’ve been specifically playing this phrase over in my head for myself in relation to my kids, it’s a good one to use in general for any aspect of life.

Wanting to jump into a side hustle? Just try.

Interested in joining a small group in church? Just try it out.

Curious about Zumba? Just try a class.

Obsessed with those shoes but not sure they’re your style? Just try them on for size.

You get the picture.

I basically follow it up with asking myself what’s the worst that could happen? Either something works or it doesn’t and I’m back to where I started and try something else.

If you want to inherit this phrase as your phrase for the moment, please do! Then, like I am, be proud of yourself for trying new things, for trying different things, for continuing to try.

Or tell me, do you have any words or phrases you find yourself being drawn to lately? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. – This post’s picture is from our family outing that I was unsure about but tried anyways and it went perfectly (minus the picture taking hah)! We had a great time!


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