Due to COVID and the ridiculousness that’s been 2020, this sweet couple, Jake (who Jeff met in college) and Jen, had to drastically trim their guest list and change their wedding plans, so we were thrilled to be included in celebrating their specifically day. And who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Colorado?! We flew into Denver and hopped on a train from the airport where our buddy and unofficially host and tour guide, Connor, picked us up. From there we drove out to Vail to start the festivities.

I’ve been to Colorado a few times and each part is more gorgeous than the next but this was my first time in Vail. Now being there when we were was kind of a tease for me and my husband who like to ski and snowboard. The leaves had fallen off the trees, tops of some mountains had a little snow but mostly was just barren. But even like that, it’s still a gorgeous place. And holy wind. The wind was crazy almost the entire time which is something I either didn’t recall from previous trips or it was just exceptionally windy.

Anyways, we rented a VRBO across from the mountain and Vail Village and it was a great location (with spending probably a quarter of the cost as it would’ve been to stay in the village). Again, since it was sort of a strange time of year to go, in between seasons and whatnot, some things were open, some things weren’t but it was jammed packed so we definitely enjoyed that.

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner at this cute little French spot, Vintage. the second picture below is of their bathroom artwork which just cracked me up and was totally out of place and hysterical.

Saturday we had a lazy morning and then explored. Tried to find a breakfast spot but the waits were outrageous so we settled for each lunch at a cool spot, Bert and Yeti’s. we then did a little hiking around the area.

The wedding was early and gorgeous. The ceremony was lovely and intimate. Colorado is still very strict with gatherings and masks so Jake’s aunt actually made masks to give to the guests. Thought that was a neat touch. I also love any party favor and the blankets were on point since it was chilly outside! The reception was in a house and included sit-down dinner and then we went next door to another house for dancing (and the Seminole football game which that was just the perfect wedding present for FSU alumni, Jake).

The next day we brunched with the newlyweds and wedding party and then slowly made our way to our hotel near the airport while stopping a few times along the way for site-seeing and little hikes.

Great weekend with lots of time spent outdoors in the cool temps with even cooler people (hehe). Here’s to the Guemples! This weekend, we do it again except this time we’ll be in Florida and celebrating one of my best girlfriends. Oh, I love love 🙂 Stay tuned!

PS- leave a comment if you’re interested in links to any of the clothing I wore during the trip!


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