Hi! I’m linking up again with my cousin Holly at Osborn Extravaganza for our second post in our new series, Mid-Month Minutia: Little Details of Random Things.

Last month we discussed some home decor we loved (check that out here) and this month we are chatting about a moment in our day that brings us joy. For me, and Holly actually, we like the morning. I’ve always thought there was a sweet sacredness to the morning time and although I very much value my sleep, it’s nice to feel the newness of the day and be awake before anyone else is.

Now that I have Pfeiffer I don’t set an alarm clock. She usually wakes up around 6 and talks to herself and sometimes of course cries too until we come get her. I’ll make my coffee (a must) and then head in to feed her. Often Jeff likes to be the one to get her up (it’s such a sweet moment) but some days it’s me. Regardless, around 6:30 we’ll sit in her rocking chair and I’ll breastfeed her while I read my daily devotional and verse of the day. I use the YouVersion Bible app which you can check out here (tons of devotionals on every topic imaginable).

It’s a good routine. One that I cherish with her and the Lord.

What part of your day brings you joy? Let us know by commenting below!


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