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I’m linking up with my cousin Holly at Osborn Extravaganza for our new monthly series called Mid-Month Minutia: Little Details of Random Things. Up this month is home decor! We’re just highlighting something, or a few things, in our house that we just love. For me it’s this book stack and use of books throughout my house.

I absolutely love books and everything that goes with them: reading (duh), libraries, the smell of them (I know others would agree with me on this too), etc. and I think they are so unique to add to your decor whether they are on a shelf, coffee table, stacked like this or something else I maybe haven’t thought of! Mine are a curated collection of hand-me-downs, vintage finds, and new. This stack for example, from top to bottom is:

  • A vintage cocktail book that’s been covered with a new book jacket and let’s me honest, the recipes are cool but I bought it for the green velvety cover that I’m obsessed with.
  • Believe — A gift book for the holidays, encouragement, or inspiring everyday possibilities. This book has various large quotes and is great to just flip open and see what resonates with you.
  • Chasing Life by Walter Brown, who served as a mentor for my previous boss and good friend and in return also served as a mentor for me. He has now passed away but this book highlights some of his wisdom paired with gorgeous pictures of the universe. Incredibly smart man with so much knowledge.
  • Ocean Blue by Mary Ann Tardif of Ocean Blue Gallery and it actually looks like this book is no longer for sale but it highlights the Exumas in the Bahamas where Jeff and I honeymooned. My mom gave this to us as a gift to remind us of our trip. It’s full of gorgeous pictures and is a beautiful place to visit if you ever have the chance (the Bahamas could use all the tourist money they can get right now).
  • The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World by Jacques Bosser which profiles more than 20 of the most historic libraries from 12 different countries. Just a super neat book if you love libraries like I do. Bucket list spots!

I’m big on the little things 🙂 What is something in your house that you absolutely love? Let us know by commenting below!


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