We headed back west to Pensacola this weekend for Jeff’s granny’s celebration of life. I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with her over the years and for the time she got with Pfeiffer. And I am thankful now that she is wholly herself with God. Her service was lovely, full of an overflowing room of family, friends, and flowers and the perfect mixture of sentimental and lighthearted.

While I hated the reason for being back home, I enjoyed the time we had with family and especially enjoyed these little ones this weekend. I’m so glad for the joy of kids. Their brains and smarts and learning abilities. Their wonder. Their ability to look at things so differently, uniquely, like only children can. From Ev (on the left in the last picture of kiddos) telling me how he knew the movie San Andres couldn’t be real because the Hoover Dam was built to withstand a 10.0 magnitude earthquake and in the movie it breaks at only an 8 or something like that to Emmy (middle holding Pfeiffer) wanting to know how we’d answer the questions on a quiz in a Kids National Geographic magazine to Pfeiffer playing kitchen with both boys and their ability to include her in their imaginative play.

I also enjoyed getting my haircut, taking a spin class, and being on the bayou 😊 All things I have missed while in Tally.

Wade Scott Salon haircut Erika Reid Bell blog
Ride Society Spin Class Pensacola Erika Reid Bell blog
Pensacola sunset Erika Reid Bell blog

RIP Granny.

Read more thoughts that came up for me during this trip back to Pensacola here.


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