This verse stuck in my mind during today’s service at Echo Life Church. Pastor Joe was discussing how to get the stress out and highlighted this verse as a reminder to adjust our pace (watch or listen to the whole service here). But as we participate in our third funeral of the year it makes me think about life in general and our numbered days.

Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should.

Yes, as Pastor Joe encouraged, I was to stop running the rat race, feeling stressed and leaving little time for what’s important. But how do I truly want to live? Recently listening to the Made For This podcast with Alex Street he asked the question of how do I want my life to look in one year? It really has got me thinking. As I am finding with having a soon-not-to-be baby, time flies. And as I am reflecting on the deaths of this year (praying this one will be the last) time is sometimes cut short (all three of these were health related illnesses that caused life to be cut short, even though 2/3 lived long, fulfilling lives).

So yes, I want to lessen the stress as I mentioned and also want to live a healthy life, doing what I can to extended my days, but I also want to live a meaningful one with those that being out the best in me. I want to live a life in relationship with God, pursuing Him and what He has in store for me.

What does all that look like? What makes my heart sing? What makes my soul shine? What makes me truly happy? What does God want for my life? I’m not exactly sure but I am working hard trying to discover the answers and I invite and encourage you to do the same. Think about your numbered days, not in a morbid or frightening way, but in a way that helps you to live an intentional, thoughtful life, whatever that means for you.


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