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I’m going to start sharing some of baby Pfeiffer’s favorite things (or some of my favorite things for her).

Have you asked one or more of the following questions?

  • What do babies like?
  • What do babies need?
  • What do babies want?
  • What should I buy for this baby shower?
  • What are toys that won’t get boring?
  • What are toys that will grow with my child?

Then this series should be helpful for you!

Up today are the Tomy Eggs! Pfeiffer’s Mimi and Papa, aka my mom and stepdad, got these for Pfeiffer in her Easter basket. Upon first glance I just thought the eggs were Easter appropriate and cute but then I started checking them out more and realized they’re much more than that.

They help your child with colors, shapes, emotions, matching, plus they make noise (but don’t worry, not too much)! This is a perfect gift that will continue to be useful and fun as your child continues to develop more (Pfeiffer’s 3.5 year old cousin, Mila, also LOVES the eggs).

It started off just being fun and Pfeiffer liked to pick them up and dump them out of their carton but now she tries to hold them so they don’t break (still likes to dump them out) and make them chirp. We’ll continue on by teaching her their shapes and colors.

Their cute yellow carton makes them perfect for traveling (and when it’s closed your kiddos can shake the container around and make fun noises as well). Oh and what’s best of all is that they are on sale now here! Since these were a gift, I had no idea what the price tag was before I did some research but honestly, I would have thought they were much more expensive.

Hope you’ve found this helpful and fun! Seriously, you won’t go wrong with buying this for your kiddos or for a gift! Let me know if you do and how you or your little enjoys them!


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