Happy July and full-blown summer. I’m keeping some of my goals from June but here are some new ones specifically for this month!

1. Practice intentional gratitude each day.

  • Doing my own little gratitude challenge this month. I am very grateful for this wonderful life I have (my family, my health, etc.) but this move and the general weight of being a mom has been taxing at times and I think this little exercise will help me to really focus on living and being as positive as I can every day. I may/may not post a picture of what I’m grateful for each day but I plan to say it out loud; it’s more powerful that way. (Join in with me by using #QLLgratitudechallenge… aka Quarter-Life Living Gratitude Challenge on social media).

2. Do yoga once per week.

  • I’ll get in a good yoga groove and then fall out of it so this should hopefully help me get back in and stay. I’d like to go to more studio classes but even just practicing at home will be good. I really do feel so much better when I do yoga. Oh and my husband will be joining me for some too. I’m holding him to yoga once/month as an anniversary gift to me. I’ve been wanting him to do yoga with me for years and he’s maybe done it twice. Granted, our anniversary was in May and he hasn’t yet but we’ll make up for it. Just 30 minutes per month is all I’m asking of him. 🙂

3. Read one new book this month.

  • I have been slacking on my reading and I want to jump back in. Thinking I’ll read something juicy, suspenseful. Give me suggestions!

What about you? Whatcha got on tap for goals this month?


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