June Wrap-Up: Goals Update

We’re wrapping up June (can’t believe it) so here is an update on my goals. If you’ll recall I wanted to blog at least once per week, do one new activity with baby Pfeiffer each week, and do 25 jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and lunges (+ 25 pulses) every day. You can read my entire June goal post here.

Well I did pretty good with my additional exercises with the exception of a few days that I forgot and a few days where I got in bed and just thought that I needed the sleep more. Doing them in the morning and just getting it over with was usually my best bet. 

Here is a breakdown of each week with what I did with sweet P and what I wrote.

Week 1

Activity: Baby yoga/baby workout at home

She’s a bit too old to do baby yoga at home. She just wanted to crawl all over me and then grab my phone that was showing the video. I may try at a studio or maybe just wait until she gets older and can actually participate. So we then decided to do a workout with baby video and she loved that but let me tell you, I was soreeee the next day. She was giggling during lunges and overhead presses while I was working up a sweat. A twenty pound weight is no joke with some of those exercises.

Post: June goals post

Week 2

Activity: Bouncy Babies Story Time

Pensacola Library has story time specific for newborns to 18 months and it is so well done. They start off with a bubble machine, then songs with shakers and dancing, and of course reading. She loves books and had a blast the whole time.

Post: Moving post (HOLY SHIFT)

Week 3

Activity: WSRE Kids Imagination Station

The Blue Wahoos stadium is home to the Imagination Station so after a waterfront walk around the stadium with my friend Kelly, AKA the Hummus Lady, P and I explored this cool kid zone. They’ve got a foam pit type area specific for babies and a plethora of different toy stations and she thoroughly enjoyed herself and even made friends with a sweet two year old.

Post: Tribute to our house post (Homage to a Home)

Week 4

Activity: Kinetix Gym Childcare

Okay so we didn’t really do this activity together but it was something new: she played at the kid zone at a gym for the first time. We’re trying out the gym in our neighborhood (only about two blocks away from our house so we can walk to and from, yay) and they offer childcare. She of course didn’t like me leaving but once I was gone she had a great time. It’s a nice big area with new toys, kiddos to entertain her, and sweet girls to love on her. 

Post: This one!

I’m working on my July goals. I’m thinking about something with a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule for our new home and more writing and I’m not sure what else and I will share when I completely figure them out! Feel free to give me some ideas or share what you’ve got in mind for the new month!

How was your June?


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