I’m sure when Jeff moved into this bachelor pad he didn’t think about the future of the home and what was to come with it. It is hard to describe everything that this house has meant to me. It’s been almost six years since I’ve moved in and it will be hard to see it go.

It was the first house I lived away from parents or roommates. It’s seen engagement pictures, the most gorgeous sunsets, freak snow days, epic flooding, arguments, lots of love, and an abundance of growth (both individually, in our relationship, in my faith, and in our little garden).

Overwhelming joy and happiness. Sorrow and struggles.

It’s encountered job changes for both of us and served as my office when I started my business. It’s the neighborhood where I voted for the first time. Jeff brought home his first real Christmas tree here. It’s where I laid my head after a car wreck, a football national championship, and plenty of stateside and international travels.

It’s hosted countless parties and celebrations. Card games and football games. Countless laughter, guitar sessions, and dolphin sightings. A cat funeral (RIP Karl) and the place we brought our daughter home to.

We’ve been spoiled on our cozy property on the bayou. I know that it’s not things that hold memories but rather that we carry them with us and I’m learning to let go (because I don’t have any other option ha) and embrace the next chapter. Thanking this house, our special little home, for all that it gave me and looking forward to all the possibility, potential, and memories our new home has to offer.


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