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Happy August and happy birthday month to me! I’m linking up again with Erin over at the Perfectly Port Family to give you my 10 on the 10th. For this month we’re talking about 10 of our favorite beauty items. A few notes on my beauty items before I start listing my favs. One thing to mention is that I am trying to transition all my beauty products to natural ones and I use the Think Dirty app all the time. You can scan or type a product in a see how it ranks on the ‘dirty’ scale. Then you can go into more detail by viewing why each product is ranked a certain way. Oh, and they also give you their recommendations of similar products. Another note is that I love CVS for some of the items on my list. They always have good BOGO deals or other sales happening. Another favorite spot of course is Amazon, just click and order from the comfort of anywhere you are. Gotta love them.

Alrighty, continue reading for my my top 10 in no particular order!

  1. Clinique High Impact Mascara– Good mascara has always been one of my must-have beauty items. I recently tried to switch to a natural brand but I just didn’t like it. I’ll be trying out some others but for now, High Impact is still my all-time favorite.
  2. Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Towelettes– Yes, you can make your own makeup removing/cleansing wipes with essential oils and such but I’m currently using these because they’re quick, easy, and were on sale at CVS. I need to be better about removing my makeup each night and these help me to do it. (Towelettes not pictured below.)
  3. Essential oils- I use a variety of essential oils for a variety of reasons from perfume to homemade remedies. I can’t live without them.
  4. Native Deodorant– I’ve talked about making my own natural deodorant but if you want something you can simply buy then this is my favorite store-bought one I’ve tried.
  5. Natural bug repellent- I often love using just Citronella oil (rubbing it directly on before being surrounded by bugs) but if I want a spray or something that will go a little bit further then I’ll use this spray I found at a local health fest. You can pick up something like this at your local farmer’s market or natural health store. Or again, you can find a DIY recipe online.
  6. Revlon Color Stain– This is another must-have for me when it comes to makeup. If I’m wearing lipstick you can be almost 100% sure it’s this. You can eat and drink in it without it coming off and you’ll need makeup remover to wipe it clean. I have it in a ton of colors and I feel like it works better than any other stains (MAC for one) I’ve tried. Oh, and you can always find it at CVS on sale.
  7. Lancome Le Crayon– I use the black as eyeliner and the brown as an eyebrow pencil (my eyebrows are so extremely light that I need something to darken them and help define my face).
  8. Stretch mark lotion and oil- Obviously these aren’t always on my list of top beauty products and are just on here now since I’m pregnant but I’ve been using the stretch mark lotion since I began my pregnancy and the oil since I started the third trimester but I love the way they both smell and feel like they’re working (along with good genes) thus far. And hey, even if they didn’t really work, I needed something to hydrate my skin these last 8 or so months anyways so they didn’t hurt.
  9. Bare Minerals makeup brushes and brush cleaner– Bare Minerals has the best brushes I’ve ever used. They aren’t cheap but you pay for what you get, which is a high-quality brush. They’re extremely soft, work awesome, and last forever. I use their brush cleaner as well. It gets all the gunk out of them and makes them as soft as new again (which reminds me I need to be better about cleaning my brushes, oops). (Cleaner not pictured below.)
  10. Organic bar soap- I LOVE having organic, handmade (not by me) bar soap. It smells way better than anything you can by in the store and you can feel good about coating your body in it.

Oh and another item that isn’t in the picture because I’m currently out but that is high on my list of items I love is dry shampoo. I’ve used everything from Oribe to TRESemme and I’ve never met one I didn’t like. I haven’t found a go-to all natural one yet or just a regular favorite because I’m not picky and I usually just buy some at whatever store I’ll be at but if anyone has any ‘clean’ suggestions for me to try, please let me know!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I mentioned and I’d love to hear what beauty items you love!


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