Second trimester happenings: It’s week 24 and we are trying out another name. We’re hoping this one will stick (but round one we also thought would stick and here we are) but we shall see. Also, once we do 100% decide we are keeping it a secret (SORRY!).

I’ve got great news! The Raynaud’s I talked about in my previous post seems to be all cleared now. I truly believe it’s all thanks to the vitamin E oil. Hallelujah!

Third trimester happenings: Can’t believe how quickly this is flying by. We stay pretty busy and I had a feeling that even though people say time slows down in the third trimester, it really hasn’t for us. I entered the third trimester when we were up in Minnesota at my family’s lake cabins. Since the baby is now growing about a half a pound per week my family all got to see some changes. I started the trip with a bit of a bump and ended it with a noticeably bigger one. We had our first baby shower, which was a coed brunch, while we were up there and had a blast (photos below)! It was such a nice treat to be able to celebrate this special time with my extended family and my heart was so full.

Unfortunately, we came back into town to say our goodbyes to Jeff’s grandma. Grandmommy was one of the sweetest souls and even though she was ready to go and we were happy for her to go to heaven, meet God, and be reunited with her hubby, it’s never easy to say goodbye. I think one of the hardest parts with it all is that she won’t get to meet our precious little girl. I’m happy for the time that her other great-grandkids were able to spend with her but I can’t help but wish our little one could’ve interacted with her as well. Her legacy will live on even though she is no longer here with us and we like to imagine that she left/passed on some of her sweet spirit to our little one. We know she will be looking down on us during this time and after she arrives.

We had our second baby shower which was vintage baby theme. Outfits and other baby memorabilia from my maternal and paternal grandmas, my mom, and myself were displayed throughout the house and the rest of the decor was vintage and sentimental as well. Such a neat idea! This girls only shower was so lovely and of course we got lots of goodies for baby Bell! We had such a great group (one of my best girlfriends who lives out of town even surprised me by being there) and it was all so special (see pictures below).

As of now, I’m currently entering week 33, or 7 weeks left, as we’ve officially started counting down the weeks! I know that most first time babies don’t come early but I have a feeling she will and have a feeling we will have some type of storm happening (not a detrimental hurricane but somethingggg). Stay tuned as the journey continues to see if I’m right!

  • Likes: Baby showers and being able to celebrate with friends and family.
  • Dislikes: Saying goodbye to Grandmommy and hating that we won’t ever see her and our baby (babies) together. But we know she’s looking down and watching over us.
  • What I’m looking forward to: The fact we are in the single digit weeks to go countdown now and will be meeting our little girl so soon.
  • What I’m not excited about: I had a friend tell me that although she was happy to meet her little ones (in her case, twins) that she missed being able to feel them with her. I now can totally understand that and as excited as I am to meet little girl, I will miss having her inside me.
  • Things that make me nervous: How much bigger I’m going to get ha (and how that will feel).


Loved this reference even though she will probably never watch a VHS tape!


Baby shower at the cabins! We played a handful of games and the men had to participate which was hysterical! See games, winners, and more photos below.

Us with the hostesses.

I’ve been reading a ton and I really love all that I’ve learned about this experience. I treasure crawling into bed and her moving and grooving and I will never get tired or forget the look on Jeff’s face every time he feels her move. Every time seems to excite him as much as the first time did and that just makes my heart so full of joy.
32 weeks- I’m starting to take weekly pictures from here on out. And for the sake of consistency, I’ve been wearing the same thing (minus the fact I had to upgrade from my red pants I had in previous weeks which Jeff told me kindly that I should throw away. I said the holes were signs they were worn in, Jeff said they’re signs they need to be thrown out haha).

Second baby shower! Forgot to take pictures during the shower but glad we remembered to get a few afterwards and glad my aunt Karen got some of the setup beforehand.

Hartley hasn’t been as into the baby as Bela has been (we swear Bela knew before we did about her and has been protective of me ever since) but I loved seeing her just patiently waiting in front of the pack and play. They will both be the best big sisters. Jane the cat, on the other hand, is still questionable.
Beginning 33 weeks.


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