Second trimester happenings: It’s week 15 and it has now fully sunk in that the baby is a girl.

We announced on social media a week or so ago and the outpour of love has been amazing. I thought people were happy when we announced our engagement and marriage but this is a whole different level. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us, spoiled the baby already, offered words of wisdom, and simply shown genuine excitement. It’s fun for it to be 100% out in the open now.

I gained one pound at my 14 week checkup. I was so nervous to weigh in because we were just getting back from Jeff’s cousin’s wedding and I definitely indulged a bit. I’ve never been big on weighing myself because I think it just messes with most people’s heads and people get fixated on numbers. I’m lucky enough in the fact that I know my body well, having a good mind/body/spirit connection. I know when I need to cut back on certain indulgences and amp up my workouts or when I’m doing just fine.

I always strive to be uber healthy and active but especially now I definitely have an added desire to live that way. What I’m doing for myself, I’m doing for this baby. I refuse to be one of those people who make excuses to constantly overindulge or make poor choices. You are not eating for two grown people. Bad calories are still bad calories. Weight gain now is still weight gain you have to take off later. This chart below really helped me to understand where the weight gain comes from. It’s not just me getting fat hah of course, unless I was being unhealthy all the time.

I’m maintaining a plant-based diet but I also don’t want or need to feel bad about having some cake at a wedding. (I’ve always been really hard on myself which is ironic too because I can never remember a moment in time where I felt as though I could run around in my bathing suit and love everything about my body. Even though I’ve been very healthy for a long time now, maintaining a vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian diet since 5th grade, and feeling good and having my body work well and as it should, I still have struggled deeply with body issues and insecurities. I know I’m too hard on myself and I pray that those struggles don’t put a damper on this experience and that I’m able to embrace the changes in my body.) Okay, enough on all that…

Update as of week 18. Had our 18 week appointment with ultrasound/anatomy scan and happy to say everything looks great. Baby is healthy and so is momma (latest weigh in went well too which I was happy about, right on track with where I should be)!

We are currently looking for a doula and I hope we haven’t waited too long to get the one we want (didn’t realize this was something I should’ve done right away). Reached out to two our doc recommended and waiting to hear back.

Still not really showing and not much else has changed. Well let me take that back, I can tell I’m showing some but most people probably wouldn’t be able to. I’m sure it’ll be noticeable to everyone soon with how fast the baby will start growing. It’s crazy to think I’m almost halfway! As much as I’m excited for September and I keep thinking about how certain events or holidays will be when she’s here, I’m trying to just enjoy all these moments of it just being me and Jeff.

  • Likes: I love the different apps and emails I receive that tell the size of the baby in different terms. For example, on week 15 the baby was the size of an avocado, cassette tape, or yellow canary. It’s just cute but it gives you a good visualization. Also really liking that I am mostly feeling like my ‘normal’ self. Energy is good, not nauseous, and sleeping pretty well.
  • Dislikes: Feeling like I’m bloated. I try to remind myself that most of this is just the baby growing and my body changing but it’s still not the easiest of things when I’ve spent years knowing what to expect from my body based on what I eat, how active I am, etc. It’s just that awkward stage where I’m not really showing yet but not quite the same as usual. Also, I’ve been dealing with some sciatic pain but yoga, using the foam roller, and stretching helps, which are all things I need to be diligently doing anyhow.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby kick. It can happen at any time now!
  • What I’m not excited about: People wanting to touch me. Please do not touch me without asking. Actually, how about I’ll ask you if I want you to feel something. 🙂
  • Things that make me nervous: How I may feel as I start to get bigger. Will I have less energy? Will I like the way I look? Will I be miserably hot as the Florida temperatures and humidity start to increase?

Here are some pictures from this time period and also a clip from our 18 week ultrasound.


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  1. Love you both!!!! Don’t see you enough but we are both busy and I can’t wait for baby 🔔!!! Love you and I’m so happy to read your blog!!! 😘


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