Happy April! I’m linking up again with Erin over at the Perfectly Port Family to give you my 10 on the 10th. This month we’re chatting about 10 items in your car. Read on for my top items!

  1. Bag full of sunglasses. Yep, an entire bag. You could say I’m a bit of a fiend. Hey, everyone has their things and I do live in the sunshine state so that’s got to count for something.
  2. Yoga mat and block. I keep one in my car and one in my house.
  3. Reusable grocery bags. If I don’t keep them in my car then I’m doomed to forget them. This way I have them whenever I need them. 
  4. Old CDs. I’ve gone through most of them and trashed a lot but there are some I just can’t part with. Old road trip mixes or house parties. Too nostalgic and fun. 
  5. Tweezers. I’m convinced that the best spot for plucking your eyebrows is in the car. The natural lighting is perfect. You’re welcome if you didn’t know this incredible tip. 🙂
  6. First aid kit. Okay, to be honest it’s some first aid type stuff and other practical things like floss and lotion and such. 
  7. Window breaker (I’m sure there’s an official name I can’t think of at the moment) courtesy of my grandma. It does make me feel safer if my irrational fear of bridges come true or some other freak accident happens.
  8. Trash container and napkins. I’ve got to have things clean and neat in my car at all times.
  9. Hand sanitizer.
  10. Phone charger.

Oh and I can’t forget my atlas, haha JK.

Anything unusual about my car? What’s in your car? Do tell!


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