Friday again already!? I’m not complaining, just amazed. Here are this week’s favs:


  • Favorite Activity: Watching the solar eclipse
    • The solar eclipse was incredible (even if I did have ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ stuck in my head ALL day). I love being reminded of how small we are, how big God is, and how life is full of infinite possibilities and potential. And energy that was noticeably felt is hard to put into words but such an amazing experience that left me in awe. Here’s a few cell pics of how it looked in our neck of the woods (excuse the double chins, just had to get a picture of us in our glasses with the eclipse in the background…even if you can’t see it).

  • Favorite Food: Cotton candy grapes
    • Have you tried these?? They make these grapes by hybridizing two different grapes species. So they’re actually grapes, not some genetically modified organism made in a plant somewhere, and they actually taste like cotton candy. They’re only available August through September so get them while you can. Find out where they’re available near you here.
  • Favorite Thing To Brighten My Home: Fresh flowers
    • I felt so spoiled and so incredibly loved during this birthday month of mine and this was just a small piece of what made it so. My favorite flowers (tulips) from my husband. He always orders from Pro Flowers and we’ve always been pleased. There aren’t many things better than fresh flowers or plants in your home. They have a way of adding light and life into your space.

  • Favorite Website: Pat Pierce
    • Shameless plug. I have to mentioned the launch of my new business, online clothing and home decor boutique, Pat Pierce. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s all vintage and a portion of every sale goes to charity. Read all about it here. I couldn’t be happier to finally have this up and running after all the hard work that I’ve put in the last handful of months. Thanks a thousand times over to all my family and friends for the incredible amount of support and love you’ve shown me. It means more than I can express. If you haven’t checked it out, I’d love for you to do so. See what you think, buy some pretty vintage things, donate to charity, and feel good about yourself (inside and out).

What are you loving this week? Any fun solar eclipse pics or experience with cotton candy grapes?


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