Spring Cleaning

As we are entering another month (seriously, how is it March already?!) and approaching spring, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the clutter in our lives and do some spring cleaning. I was recently listening to the Rich Roll podcast where he interviewed Joshua Millburn. (You can listen to the entire podcast here.) He and Ryan Nicodemus make up a team known as “The Minimalists”. Part of the podcast was discussing their 30-Day Minimalism Game. You get a partner to play the game with and on the first day you give away one thing, on the second day you give away two things, and so on and the person that does it the longest, wins. This got me thinking about the things I need to get rid of in my life. What old can I clean out to make way for the new? What things, ideas, thoughts, do I not want to take with me into this new month and new season? I will be loosely playing their game and getting rid of one thing each day for a month. It may be clothes or old beauty products or it may be negative thoughts or bad habits.

What doesn’t serve you anymore? What can you let go of? Do you have clothes that someone else would appreciate more than you do? (This is the question I now ask myself when trying to decide whether or not to hold onto something and it’s really been helpful.) Do you have food in freezer that you know needs to be thrown but haven’t taken the time to go through it? Are there negative thoughts you need to give up?

Make your surroundings and mind as decluttered as possible. Let this spring cleaning create freedom for yourself within your home and within your head and allow you to make way for new thoughts, ideas, and things to bloom this season. Who wants to play the game with me? Tell me about your journey!


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  1. Love it! We’ve been slowly bringing the idea of minimalism into our home for quite some time now. It’s quite freeing to let go and allow the things you have serve you (and others) rather than being a servant to the things you own. We read the book “Living with less, the Unexpected Key to Happiness” and felt it was a game changer. You’d be surprised at the things you can do without, most of the time without even noticing. It’s a great example to set for our children as well, especially in the culture we live in.

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