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Hi, I’m Erika, an organizing specialist serving clients in Tallahassee, Florida. I’m a lover of all things tidy and a believer in the idea that an organized space equals a decluttered mind. My passions are in helping, connecting, and encouraging others. I love helping to create organizational systems that will work for you and your home. I specialize in the following areas but can help with any space you’d like since each client’s needs are uniquely their own. Let me help you figure out practical organization that will stick.

As a bonus, I’ll haul off any items you want to donate.



Pantry, Tupperware, Dishes, Spices, Fridge


Linens, Toiletries



Toys, Games, Stuffed Animals, Books

Home Offices

Desk, Books, Office Supplies


Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

You Name It

There isn’t a space too big or too small for us to tackle. You name it, we can get it organized!

*Many projects take 2-4 hours to complete but contact me for your free personalized quote.

Recent Projects

Rates and Specials

Offering individual quotes for your specific project or you can purchase a set number of hours and we can get done what we can!

Summer Refresh Special
$50 per hour
Purchase Organizing Hours
6 Month Package
Four hours of organizing each month for six months.
$1,200 total
Purchase Package
Referral Program
You will receive a $15 discount on your next service for every person you refer who uses my services!
$15 off

“I love the feel of organization but hate the process. Erika took the pain out of the mess and transformed our space.”

Ready to get started? For a free personalized consultation and quote, text pictures of your space to (850) 748-6746 OR fill out the form and I’ll be in touch!

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