Mid-Month Minutia: Blessings

Hi! I’m teaming up with my cousin Holly at Osborn Extravaganza for our series, Mid-Month Minutia: Little Details of Random Things. This month, with both St. Patrick’s Day (luck of the Irish and all that) and the global pandemic occurring, we’re discussing how much of a blessing it is to be in good health.

I have many blessings in my life but my health (and the health of my husband and daughter) is one I am particularity grateful for. Whenever I have a headache, I think about the people suffering from chronic migraines and how tough that must be. When my body is in pain, I think about those with life-limiting illnesses and how unbearable that would feel. When I move my body at yoga or exercise and get my heart rate up, I think about the people who don’t get to enjoy this pleasure. When I have to take my daughter to the doctor and they have to run routine tests, I can’t help imagining how awful childhood cancer is. When I read the news of all those currently impacted, and who may become impacted, by COVID-19, I feel so blessed I don’t have a compromised immune system.

In all these situations, I immediately thank God.

It can be easy to take your health for granted sometimes or to not fully appreciate it but it is such a tremendous blessing and one I never want to stop honoring God for.

What is one of your biggest blessings?


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