What a couple of weeks it’s been.

Full of contradictory feelings, mixed emotions. From celebrations with family and the joyous news of new babies to a funeral for a sudden loss of soul taken too soon and word of loved ones struggling with the inability to conceive. Excitement of seeing distant family members but also the pain that comes with the more turbulent relationships.

These last few weeks have been full of life and happiness with family and friends but also the opposite. They have seen tears of joy but also deep sorrow.

How to balance emotions during such times? How are you supposed to feel? How to celebrate with a best yet mourn with your husband? Enjoy milestone birthdays yet deal with difficult family dynamics?

There’s no life manual. No answers on why some will live to be over 90 and others have their lives cut drastically short. The troubles of life are difficult however, if the shock to your core they bring helps you to wake up, make you think deeply, appreciate life, and live it fuller, then something good has come from something that may have seemed so meaningless and has been so burdensome.

Appreciate what you have (many are praying they had what you already do) and who you have. Spend time with loved ones. Be with them and there for them. Cherish them deeply (and know that you’ll be reunited after they leave you). Do more of the things that make your entire being happy. Life is precious and fragile. It should not be taken lightly or for granted. Live fun and free but don’t be reckless. Don’t test life. Do everything you can to respect it, adore it, preserve it. Be a kindhearted person with a good soul. Live your life so you’ll be happy with the legacy you leave behind.

Some of these thoughts may be things we’ve heard dozens of times or may sound cliche but we all need to be reminded and need to stop to think for a moment about the lives we’re living.

Even during the times I don’t feel as though the world is on my side, I will choose to believe that it is inherently good. So much more good happens than bad but when the bad does creep in I will make a point to have it show me something, learn from it. I’ve made a vow to live by these words I’ve stated and honor the life I am currently living.

Savor your life. Hug your loved ones a little longer. Be thankful. Do your best. Wear your seat belt.


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